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Developers of Mods and YouTubers are on our server, correct!
We’re always looking around for mod creators, YouTubers and artists on our Discord Server — they may be able to help us, and we’ll help them. Some way.
As we grow, more players advance in ranks. But the Artists, YouTubers, and Developer ranks are reserved for special individuals who are strongly committed for our expanding, and the world-wide, community.
Message the Administrative members or directors and send them links of your work, they’ll convey the messages to the Directors and they’ll take a look at it. That’s for sure!
There’s always work to be done on our server. We’re looking for artists willing to help with different jobs on our server. We’re looking for Artists who know about Photoshop and that kind of stuff. You can help us, and we’ll help you someway.
Our blog needs aid too; we’re looking for artists who can create fan-, concept and other artwork that we can, and are allowed to use for us selves, to our weekly blogs.
Contact us on Discord and we’ll reply within, at most, 74 hours. (depending on the amount of messages)
Thank you, as always, for reading our blogs.
– Grammsay




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