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Skyrim – 3 ways to Abuse The Shadow Warrior Perk

The Shadow warrior perk is found at the top of the sneak skill tree and is one of the most effective perks in the entire game, however not many people understand how to use it to its full potential.
Shadow Cloak – Crouching stops combat for a moment and forces distant opponents to search for a target. Here is a list of ways to abuse shadow cloak with a sneak based character.
  1. Invisibility – Whenever you enter sneak mode your character will turn inviable for one second making you undetectable. We can easily abuse this by repeatedly exiting and re-entering sneak mode to activate shadow cloak and become permanently invisible. This is incredible as it costs no resources to do.
  2. Sneak Attack – If timed correctly it is possible to perform a sneak attack during your one second of invisibility. If combined with the assassin’s blade perk you can reliably get 15x damage sneak attacks even when surrounded by lots of people.
  3. While allot trickier it is also possible to do this with a bow as well. Start by drawing your arrow from sneak mode (it does not matter if you are detected) then release the arrow at your target and quickly exit and re-enter stealth to activate shadow cloak as the arrow hits your target for a stealth attack. Since you are invisible when the arrow hits it will count as a sneak attack!



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