About Us

ESO & Ultimate Immersion

We are ESO and Ultimate Immersion, both content creators on YouTube who focus on role playing game related content. From understanding and years of engaging with our audiences we realized how majority is struggling with modding: what mods to choose from the vast selection modding communities have to offer, how to install them, how to run the game properly, etc.
All this gave us an idea to collaborate and create the ultimate source for mod lists and other enhancements, for various games, that’s why we created this website with the core intent of making modding games such as Skyrim, Fallout, The Witcher, Kingdom Come and many others, accessible and explained to everybody irrelevant of their modding skill. We offer core and various add-on mod list packs, accompanied with installation guides and optimizations for several hardware specifications.
In the end the mod lists we offer are based on our own preferences with the scope for you to easily personalize them further yourself.

The Future

In the future we plan to have a mod list for as many games as possible with accompanying video tutorials on how to install the mods for new users, small personalized add-on packs and optimized packs for medium and low end machines.
We also have many more projects and content planned for his site apart from mod lists, which are going to bring our communities in to contribute and hopefully create something we can all enjoy together.
For now these plans are in the stage of negotiation, but keep an eye out on our blog for more news and updates.
If you would like to support us on this mission and keep this website alive, feel free to donate on our website.