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F. A. Q.

Having a question? We may already hold the answer for you.

Will you have control over my account if I log in via mod list locker?

Absolutely not.

We’re using standard Google Youtube API, and it’s Google that states the privacy policy of the API. We don’t have any control over your account nor will we ever have. The only thing we need it for is to check if you’re subscribed to our channels or not. Many big websites use the same way to log in (Streamlabs, Restream, etc…).

Tens of thousands accounts already subscribed/logged in with this API on our website with no issues, so you shouldn’t worry.


If you still don’t trust us, you can always use another account.

Why can't I subscribe/log in to see your mod list?

We’re not entirely sure why this is happening. It only happens to very few, but it may be because of the adblock for some reason. Try disabling adblock on our website and refresh the page.

You can also:

  • try switching your browser
  • try on another computer
  • try on a mobile device

If you found another solution or cause of this in your case, please contact us.

My game crashed, now what?

There are a lot of reasons why your game may be crashing. But we will point out the most obvious causes. Let us remind you that if you follow our guides completely, your game and mod list will work.

Here are couple of important points you need to resolve:

  1. make sure you freshly install your game before you begin installing the mod list
  2. test the game before mod installation – Skyrim SE has a Creation Club bug with the recent updates, where freshly installed vanilla game crashes after Bethesda logo. Blocking the connection of SkyrimSE.exe and SkyrimSE Launcher.exe in Outgoing Windows Firewall should fix the crashes
  3. start a new gamedon’t use old modded saves to test the mod list! If you never used mods before you should be fine, but we recommend to always test your mod list with a new game. 
  4. make sure you downloaded correct mod archives and patches provided with the mod list
  5. follow FOMOD installations from the video accurately – some mods have GUI installation to help you select multiple options while installing the mod. Make sure you follow selections from the video accurately
  6. follow dependencies (mod overwrites) from the video guide – your game shouldn’t have issues if you miss an overwrite or if you do it differently (in case mod was updated after the guide). In case you miss some your game should only have some visual differences with textures or meshes and shouldn’t cause crashing.
  7. sort your load order/run LOOT – this is very important and most frequent cause of instability or CTDs. Make sure your load order is organized with LOOT
  8. make sure you installed all plugins/patches needed from the mod list – some mods require patches that make them compatible with each other. If you’re missing a patch there’s a strong chance your game will crash. 
  9. test your game during installation – it is recommended to install few mods and then test your game to pinpoint the issue easily (if it occurs). This is especially recommended after installing big fundamental mods.


You can also join our Discords and chat with our communities and explain your issues there.

We’re building a new and faster website, we’re sorry if this one’s causing some inconveniences. Please stay tuned until then!