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Ultimate Immersion SE ENB

This is my brand new ENB for Skyrim Special Edition (SSE) which I spent months perfecting. I tried to lean towards realism as much as possible with a touch of fantasy. It is perfect for either gameplay, cinematic recordings or screenshots. The depth of field is off by default, but already tweaked for you if you turn it on in the ENB menu to use it. This ENB looks best with our mod list, which you can see alongside on our website, with all the installation guides needed to achieve exact same result.

The ENB is compatible with any weather but looks best with NAT.

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  1. Download the latest ENB binaries at
  2. Open the “Wrapper” folder and extract the content to where your SkyrimSE.exe is
  3. Download Ultimate Immersion SE ENB package
  4. Extract and replace all content in your SkyrimSE.exe game folder (same as step 2.)

(this ENB is compatible with all weathers, but looks best with NAT)

Download Ultimate Immersion SE ENB

NAT Skin Tone Fix


To fix the black face issue and reddish skin tone you have to disable few effects in NAT settings.

  1. Go to your spells, select ‘NAT settings’ and activate it
  2. Select ‘Graphic options’

  1. Disable ‘SS Scattering’, ‘Dawn & Dusk Natural Lighting’ and ‘Wet Effects’


Special thanks to Adyss for helping me out with some custom coding for this ENB.

Please check out his brilliant Surreal ENB

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