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Download Ultimate Immersion Mod & Test Map

Ultimate Immersion Modern Interiors mod is now available here, with basic textures. Best way to see the texture and mod contents is to download and try out the test map,

where all the objects of the latest Ultimate Immersion project are demonstrated. 


Installation and Performance Tutorial

If you’re new to Minecraft modding here’s a complete tutorial for you to install Ultimate Immersion’s textures and mod. There are also some performance optimization tips in the end of the video which will definitely come handy to even more advanced users to gain few extra fps.

Ultimate Immersion's

Modded Showcase Videos

An ambitious and promising project from Ultimate Immersion, transforming Minecraft into photorealistic world with high resolution PBR textures. Designed mainly for SEUS PTGI ray tracing shader by SonicEther, which will make your Minecraft look questionable compared to real life.